Everything happens for a (no) reason.

Timing is everything.  There is a time for silence, a time to let go and allow your friends to launch themselves into their own destiny, and a time to cheer for their victories, or help them pick up the pieces, when it’s all over.


For the first time in years, the sounds in my head stopped. I heard silence and stillness heard me.
And when all was consumed by endless peace. At the moment when every kiss tasted like a salty sea, and my fingers wore rays of the September sun, I woke up.

Felling lighter than air.
Completely empty and full.

“The road is somewhere in between”, said someone inside me.

A woman entered the waters of Aphrodite and the other (with almost the same name) came out and embraced the solar path, walking through the stones of her own existence.
Everything happens for a reason? Everything happens just because happen? Do I want to have an answer to this question?

Now when my small storm in a cup of water is gone, the only thing left is my little family. They comfort me and give me the feeling that I am whole. Others are just words written

on water.

I wish to apologize to the world and people. I am what I am and I’m following my inner voice.
I love. I Hate. I want. I do. I am.
Where we will be when dawn come only time will tell.


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